Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip to the Temple

On Friday, in addition to purchasing a much-needed refigerator lock (the stories detailing its necessity could go on and on), we drove around town looking for some action. We came upon this sweet guy and had to get out of the car to say hi. He was so cute.

Still needing more adventure, we kept driving, and then I spied the temple. "We're going to the TEMPLE!" I announced excitedly to Annalise, who seemed interested though she had no idea what I was talking about since the last time she was there she couldn't even walk. When we got there, a bride was having portraits done with her new husband and we stood and watched. Annalise was quite impressed with her pretty dress (pretty dresses being 95% of what she talks about all day) and the fact that the groom spun her around a million times at the direction of the photographer (Annalise begs us to spin her at every opportunity). We had a perfect impromptu lesson about choosing the right, getting married in the temple, and families being forever. The sweet bride liked Annalise and her wide-eyed rapture and bent down to try to talk to her and hug her, but extremely shy, Annalise hid behind me. For the rest of the day, Annalise couldn't stop talking about how someday she too would go to the temple, get married, wear a pretty dress, and spin around.

She loved to smell all the flowers and she especially loved the fountain. As we were leaving and she was telling me again how she too would get married here someday, I asked her who she would marry.

"Daddy," she told me. "No!" she changed her mind. "Baby Karina!"

"Well, since you're a girl, you have to marry a boy," I told her. "So what boy will you marry?"

"Oh!" she said and thought only an instant. "Jesus a boy. I marry Jesus."