Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update From Dave

Due Date has passed without incident, except a few other incidents:

  • Somehow our indoor cat got locked out of the house all day and survived, most likely macking on the lady kittens in the neighborhood. Like father, like son.
  • Annalise continued her No Nap Strike, requiring two different "Peanubuttahbreahhhhs" (that's a peanut butter sandwich to those not fluent in Annaliseish) and several Elmo videos on my iPhone to put her to sleep tonight (a task I have now heroically assumed). Still, she screamed at the door until her mother awoke from her slumber in the other room and "resuced" her. Her screams impressively pierced through a full-volume sound machine, two doors, a high-velocity fan and her mother's sleep-deprived delirium to initiate the Hasselhoffian rescue from her dreaded paternal bedroom captor. She is now sleeping soundly in our recently-built-by-loving-husband-and-father Ikea bed.
  • Jessica completed her review of Bachelor Pad, lengthening her streak of Bachelor-themed-show-watching to infinity. This one somehow involved Bachelor and Bachelorette retreads competing for cash and contracting a number of unspeakable diseases in the process, I'm sure. For instance, someone named Kasey (with a K) apparently came down with a nasty case of Vienna. Fortunately the show is now over and Mondays are DVR-free.
  • I've been typing for 12 minutes -- still no baby.
  • Being the Husband of the Century that I am, I made a special trip to the store this evening for "Cookies and Cream ice cream and Magic Shell topping" for an unspecified severely pregnant woman currently on the premises. Since I am a crazily spontaneous person, I opted to shop at Target's new grocery section instead of the traditional Fred Meyer we usually get our groceries at. Their freezer aisle lights are motion-activated, which made it feel like they opened the store up just for me to shop. I kind of liked it.
  • Annalise has Athlete's Foot. Truth be told, it's rather unsightly but is rapidly improving. I used to get it pretty bad during the summers when I was a kid, so she must have inherited my susceptability to it (along with, according to Jessica, my butt and thighs. Probably TMI, but hey -- just wait until I describe the delivery).
That's all for now -- more to come from Fuhrimanville when things start moving and "Ice Cream" (as Annalise calls the new baby) is on her way.


The Aldridges said...

ha ha Dave, you make me laugh. Lookig forward to meeting Miss Karina! : )