Thursday, November 11, 2010

At the beach house this last weekend, Annalise developed a new skill- she will now say her words back when I prompt her! We spent lots of time going, "Can you say doggy?" "Dobby!" "Can you say cracker?" "Cah-koo!" Newly added to the list are diaper, bye, and Anna ("Nana"). She asks for food by saying "num num" and woofs like a doggy. She doesn't say her own name yet but when you ask her to say 'Annalise' she mutely points to her chest. She tries to say 'kitty' by whispering the 'k'-sound, but we're not quite there yet. :)


Kelly said...

You have such a cutie! :) So fun meeting new friends in the blog world!
*It's so fun when they start talikng. Love the stage you are in!