Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annalise's Makeover

Today has been one of those days. Dave is out of town. Annalise has a festering mouthful of wannabe tooth lumps. And she didn't take a nap. What almost-fifteen-month-old goes all day and takes no nap? I laid down with her in the early afternoon and attempted to nurse her to sleep. She happily nursed very spastically- her whole body so full of energy that she kicked and flung her arms about while she sucked. Then she rolled away and ran away. Which left me alone on our bed and I closed my eyes and sweet sweet sleep overcame! For who knows how many minutes! The next thing I knew Annalise was sitting next to me on the bed again, fussing and beating my blanket-covered head with her fist. I opened my eyes to this.

Annalise had managed to finagle a tube of water-proof mascara off of my vanity table and figured out how to unscrew it. Her little hands were black like she had dipped them in ink. Her brand new shirt and pants were ruined. Her mouth looked like she had brushed her teeth with tar. She smiled and offered me the bent mascara wand.

Thank heavens she had just gotten over her fears of the bathtub over the weekend when she took some baths with her friend Anna at the beach. She was immediately placed in the tub where we learned some things about water-proof mascara. For one: it's water-proof. No gimmicks there. Additionally: it is extremely soap-resistant as well. After about an hour we had gotten off about as much as we were going to. Judging by her fingernails, you'd still think she was an auto-mechanic. And no amount of brushing her tiny teeth could take away all the black.

Amazingly, Annalise managed to confine the mascara-disaster to her own person, other than one tiny smudge on the sheet next to where I'd lain. There was none on the carpet, none on the walls. And she so effectivly hid/lost the actual tube that I don't know where in the house the artistry took place.

Not exactly what I envisioned for her first makeover.


SassyMama said...

Oh, my!
I have to agree that waterproof mascara would also not be my first choice for a child's first foray into self-makeovers.

At least you got a picture...

nicole said...

Great picture.
I can't believe how lucky you were that she didn't paint the walls, carpet, furniture, etc.
I am pretty sure that is what would happen if one of my boys got their hands on something like this.

Oh, wait. That already has happened. That was a bad day for Sam... and Gilbert.