Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunriver 2010

September brought our annual trip to Sunriver with the Hillyards, Beka, and labradors Mochi and Sumo. This is our fourth year running, except last year we had to cancel at the last second because poor Julie got Swine Flu the day before. This year, we received a similarly ominous phone call, at the similarly ominous night before, from a similarly ominous sicky. Through lots of tears we heard that the doctor suspected that Julie had Whooping Cough (Pertussis) which is too dangerous for babies like Annalise to take the risk of being around. This was Tuesday night. We were supposed to leave Wednesday night. The only bright spot of hope was that it might only be Bronchitis, but the test results for the Pertussis might take a week to come back in, in which case our vacation would already be over. Miraculously though, the test results came back negative Thursday morning, so away we went, only missing one night of our stay.

The place we stayed in was awesome. Each of the rooms had a theme they were decorated in. There was the hunting room, the fishing room, and our room- the golf room. Amidst many golf posters and memorabilia and very conscientious about the theme, this is what adorned the wall of our bathroom. They must have run out of posters.

 There was bike riding,

(which Annalise consented to for approximately 30 seconds)

baths with buddies,

and Beka and her laptop drew all three kids like moths to a flame.

The furry blonde boys were perfectly-behaved, as usual.

Annalise was obsessed with them. Her fear of dogs has given way to crazed stalker-like tendencies that crop up any time a canine is in a one-mile radius.

It was nice to get some pics of the three of us.

There was hiking,


and hot tubbing, and board games, and dance parties, and relaxing. And of course being coy with the big boys.

And this is where Annalise made the transition from crawling to walking as her primary means of transportation! It was very sweet to see.

As always, a terrific time was had by all and it went by much too quickly. We'll see you in 2011, Sunriver!


PDXTingeys said...

Looks like a fun trip. You have such a cute family, I love seeing all the pictures.

Dave Fuhriman said...

I love that last picture -- she looks like she's dancing in The Wiz or something with that askew leg.

We successfully pulled off our fake laughs! Nice work. :)

Love her & you


Todd Hillyard said...

That trip rocked. Thanks.

nicole said...

Love the pictures. That little girl is getting way expressive.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I love the pics of the three of you- so nice to get family pics! I recognize the granola bar in Annalise's hand... that's the kind Austin always holds too. Beautiful place!