Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Third Word!

As Annalise was playing with her best friend at the park yesterday, out of the blue she became overcome with emotion for her and toddled right over to give her a giant hug and kiss. The two mommies died from the cuteness of it, but little Anna was confused, like Why are these arms wrapping around my neck, and also why is that wide-open drippy mouth pressing itself all over me? Annalise proceded to hug and kiss little Anna at least ten times, with much vigor and devotion. She has never hugged and kissed anyone but Dave and I (and Anna's mommy) before. It was nearly too cute to be real.


Today our exuberant little lady was happily jumping on the bed while I held her hands. Her joy manifested itself with an enormously wide open-mouth smile, lots of laughing, and lots of screeching. I was grinning back at her and without thinking about it, babbling something like, "Jumpy jumpy jumpy! You're jumping! You can JUMP!"

To which she replied, "Jump!"

"Really? You're saying jump?" I asked in astonishment. (I am always astonished. She'll be in college and I'll be like, "Really? You can say Harvard?")

"Jump!" she said, like 40 more times, so happy and proud. And when we called her dad on his business trip to tell him, she repeated it more. This talking business is very exciting. :)


Staci said...

What a fun little talker!!!

It really is amazing. Soon she will put two words together, and you will REALLY freak out! What a great age.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I love the mouth picture!