Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Annalise's Red Letter Day

On Sunday, Annalise DRANK FROM A BOTTLE! I am having to pump to make sure my milk supply doesn't suffer (it already has a little bit) and rather than just throw it away I tried to give it to her. She wound up drinking 3 ounces! I was so proud.

And that night Annalise slept FROM MIDNIGHT TO FIVE-FIFTEEN!!! It was thrilling to say the least. Luckily, based on past experiences, I knew not to hope that it meant anything for the future, which it didn't, because she woke up a million times again last night (pretty swiftly ensuring that she will end up an only child). But she also took a long nap Monday afternoon and I slept too and we felt gooooooooooooood. Red Letter day.

Tonight Dave goes in for his sleep study where they'll monitor him for sleep apnea and see what can be done to help with his snoring craziness. You truly have never heard anything so loud. It wakes me and the baby, and actually can wake me from another room, even over the blaring sound machine I have next to my head for the purpose of ensuring the baby sleep through my eyelids blinking, which would otherwise wake her. When he went in to meet with the doctor initially, he was asked what brought him in. Was it that the snoring bothered him? Restless sleep? Daytime fatigue?

"Actually," he answered, "The reason I'm here is because I've been kicked out of my bedroom."

"Aah," the doctor replied. "Good reason."


Angela said...

You take such beautiful pictures of her! And she is definitely malnourished...I mean just look at those fat rolls!!! I love baby fat...I just want to bite my baby! But in a good and non-hurting way of course! Miss you!

Staci said...

Why are you pumping to ensure your milk supply isn't suffering????

Why would it be suffering???

Jessica said...

It's suffering because Annalise is on a nursing semi-strike. She will only nurse for a few minutes during the day and when she wakes up at night. It's been for about two weeks, and the left side is producing a lot less. :( Nursing is her only liquid, so her poops are totally solid now. :(

SassyMama said...

Yay! On Annalise drinking from a bottle.

Boo! On her waking up a million times a night.
Sweet dreams, David!

Diana said...

I love the rolls on her belly. Why is it so cute on babies, but mine aren't so cute? I am glad that she is drinking from a bottle. I hope Dave's test went well!!

nicole said...

Those are great bloomers she is wearing. You have one (lovely) chunky-monkey.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Yes, my kids went through the same semi-strike and still gained the proper weight b/c they too were waking enough at night. Your milk will adjust to the needs of Annalise, so even when she nurses less and your milk starts drying up, it will increase when she starts nursing more again, not as easily as when she was younger, but it will, at least it did for me. Good luck! And tell Dave good luck with his sleep!