Friday, April 16, 2010

8 Months Old

Today my sweet angel is eight months old. She got a xylophone from my mom (along with a bunch of other toys I had when I was a baby) and buh-rilliantly knew exactly what to do. ;) She was thrilled to make music (or at least pound on something...)

She zooms around like a little water bug on her stomach and her elbows, takes two good naps a day (usually a two-hour and a one-hour respectively) and is learning to cry less in her new jogging stroller, which she feels no more positively about than she did her carseat stroller. Even though it cost approximately a million dollars more.

For the last couple of weeks Annalise has been going through a nursing semi-strike which is not good for my frayed mommy-nerves. She also doesn't want much to do with solids. Every single little pal she has eats WAY more than she does. She winds up managing on average about five bites of baby food a day, and nurses for maybe a minute approximately three times a day. Not enough to hydrate a flea. So I beg her to nurse. She refuses and rolls away. I plead with her to nurse. She laughs and honks me on my nose. I get emotional and inform her that if she doesn't eat soon we will both surely die. At that point she is furious that I am still offering her the feeding receptacle so she screams and pulls my hair and then the conversation is through. Today when I became convinced she was seriously out of her mind and wondered if she should be hooked to an IV at the hospital, I looked on the Le Leche League website and found that this is a very normal practice for babies between the ages of six and nine months and luckily since she is still nursing when she wakes up at night (finally something positive from her night wakings!) she should be getting enough nourishment, and that if I am patient and just stick with it she will come around. The relief was so strong I cried.

Annalise LOVES older kids, taking sips from a water bottle, being held, tosses in the air, and taking baths. She DESPISES Mommy leaving the room, Daddy leaving for work, being put in her stroller, and clothes going over her head. She is very ticklish on her back, almost never topples over from a sitting position anymore, has a big sense of humor, and scored some sweet threads today at a huge consignment sale.

Mouth-wateringly SCRUMPTIOUS, this eight-month-old is.



[M] said...

lol...all of my babies went through that. after max turned 7 months old the only time I could get him to nurse was in a dark room with a blanket over his head right before he fell asleep. he nursed before each nap, before bed, and at night. that's it.

have you tried cheerios? they always eat so much better when they can feed themselves.

SassyMama said...

Happy 8 months, Annalise!

Great pictures!

Diana said...

Love those cheecks Can't wait to actually meet her next month. Maybe Claire and Annalise will be great friends!!!

Anonymous said...

All three of my babies had a nursing strike at about 71/2 months. Keep at it and she should get over it. I suggest trying to let he feed herself. She sounds like such an independent little girl. My daughter was a baby who would have rather been a 6 year old from day one. I had to cut up all of her food small, very small, before she would eat anything. For whatever reason a Banana that Mommy tried to feed her was horrible, but a banana she feed herself was delicious. Enjoy her before you know it you will be celebrating her 8 year birthday.

Jodie said...

Brody did the hunger-strike for a couple days a couple weeks ago. Miserable, for me mainly. Not cool.
How fast have these months gone? So sad!

Jessica said...

So glad to hear about the other nursing strikes, and that the babies came around. Worrying if your kid will starve is stressful!

Mary Ann, I have not tried Cheerios yet but I was just thinking I should. I'll have to pick some up at the store on Monday.

Diana, I hope Claire and Annalise will be BESTIES!!