Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lessons from Dave

When Dave got home from work yesterday evening, we made a family trip to Costco. Driving out of the neighborhood we saw a dad on a walk, sporting a baby strapped to him in a Bjorn, one hand holding the hand of a toddler and the other holding the leash to his dog.

"Look at that Super-Dad," I teased Dave, who had long maintained that it was too much for him to walk Pixie and even our one baby together so he never did.

Dave answered without missing a beat. "He has a nice baby. And a dog that isn't crazy. And a head that is insane. You see," he explained, "I have none of those things."


Dave Fuhriman said...

Yes. Very true. The main reason I couldn't do it, though, was that Pixie's barks at such things as other dogs and other people and oxygen molecules would have meant a startled, mad unsleeping baby in her carrier.

Plus, how would I have picked up her doodies? (Pixie's, not the baby's)

Diana said...

So funny. Maybe you were just seeing that super dad on his one and only good walk!! That picture page is amazing. I love seeing her all dressed up.

Jodie said...

I never met Pixie, but his other two points are arguable.a

Todd Hillyard said...

I do miss Pixie.

nicole said...

That is my favorite outfit, by far. Love blue on a little blue-eyed girl.

Great comments from Dave... had Gilbert laughing.