Thursday, October 22, 2009

The heavens are smiling upon me

Something crazy has happened.

I was racing around so I could go to the bookstore and buy Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book so I could know what I was doing and make informed decisions about allowing doctorly folks to stab my mooshkin with needles full of Ouch. I was in a hurry to make sure to be back before noon so we could have lunch with Dave. I tried to nurse the baby who cried in response and then promptly fell asleep once she had one gulp inside her. Normally I would sit very still, lest moving, breathing, or the beat of my pulse awaken her. But today I tossed her onto the pillow next to me, figuring she could wake up but then hopefully fall back asleep in the car. She woke up and fussed as I raced around, thinking that screaming was imminent and wanting to get my crap together and get back to her before it began in earnest. Jogging from room to room collecting bags, wipeys, diapers, keys, blankets, hats and a tiny pink sweatshirt to match The Smooshie One's ensemble, I realized something. The house was silent. Whaaah?

Squishie-face had fallen back asleep! And not on top of me! And not at night. And not swaddled in her swaddler. Just fallen back asleep while tossed onto some old pillow, like any old normal kid!

I was so focused on the bookstore that I almost picked her up to go anyway. Then I was reunited with the mind I had momentarily lost, and thought of the thousands of things that could finally get done around the house. And came and typed this post instead.


Courtney said...

Congrats, Jess! Hope it continues.

Cassidy said...

Congrats! Very exciting. And beautiful picture of you two.

D. said...

There's hope yet! HA! :-)

Emily said...

Haha, funny story. That's a really cute picture of you two.