Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who are you and where is my baby?

We started Annalise on Zantac. And haven't seen her since. In her place, a look-alike (possibly clone, possibly alien) has dispensed with our beloved Grumpelstiltskin. Let me tell you about this alien- whew! What a joy! What a sweetheart! What a happy smiley content little princess! A chubby little person who never cries, who can be set down on her own, and who has let her mommy take a shower two days in a row. And go to the mall all day. And hang around amidst society like a functioning adult. Whose two settings, instead of Sleeping and Screaming, are Cooing and Smiling. Now AlienCloneBaby, we like you very much (and you are so much pleasant-er on the eardrums and nervous systems) but we must insist you return our own baby because after all what have you done with her?

If you remember, during my pregnancy Zofran changed my life.

Zofran is to me as Zantac is to Bub.

I'm buying stock in the next Rx I see that starts with 'Z'.


Emily said...

Glad it's having such a positive effect!

Robyn said...

Hip hip hooray! Nothing is worse than when little babes have issues and we can't help them because we don't know. Glad she is happier and quieter!

Jen said...

Yeah!!!! Happiness, joy. I am so glad your little munchkin is happy...but let's be honest, I'm even more thrilled that YOU are benefiting from this "miracle medicine"!!!!! =)