Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Annalise had her two-month check-up today and all was great! She gained exactly two pounds since her last visit a month ago, making her now 11 lb 12 oz, which is 70th percentile in weight. She grew an inch, making her 23 1/2 inches (80th percentile in height) and 70th percentile in head size. So she is pretty symmetrical, and just a little slim. The doctor said her body type was such that she'd probably never be one of those roly-poly babies, but I wasn't to worry about it.

Much to Dave's delight, the doctor pronounced Annalise extremely smart about 85 times, based on the length of her attention span to everything she saw and how long she would stare into everyone's eyes. Also, she's ahead of the game in terms of trying to do "sit-ups" which the doctor said usually happens at 4-6 months, as well as following something with her eyes and then turning her head to continue watching it as it moves away. The doc said usually they won't move their head to follow what they're watching until about 4 months. So obviously she's a genius.

Genius-Girl was being exceptionally charming to the nurse who measured and weighed her by craning her head upside down and backwards to try to look her in the eye while the nurse waited for me to put her diaper on her so she could leave with the scale.

"She's looking at you!" I exclaimed in delight, charmed beyond measure. The nurse appeared either not to care, or not to hear me. Except the room was about three feet by three feet. She waited for me to finish while staring at the wall. The Genius continued staring intently into her eyes, at great effort, what with having to crane around backwards and all.

"She's staring right at you!" I squealed giddily, sure that if she understood, the nurse would take her meanie lazy eyeballs and give my precious infant the return gaze she so eagerly sought. The meanie lazy nurse, who may or may not have been the same one who messed up on the baby's weight during our first appointment and nearly sent us home to die of starvation, completely ignored my Dimpled Dumpling, and suddenly became in great danger of having said meanie lazy eyeballs ripped out of her head and presented to the angelic genius on a platter for her more convenient viewing pleasure.

Also, the doctor agreed with us that the baby might have acid reflux based on a bunch of symptoms that have cropped up in the last month, and prescribed Zantac. With any luck, this may be the answer to what is making the baby so fussy and irritable. We will have to wait a week and see. OUR FINGERS ARE CROSSED!!!


Emily said...

Haha, I don't think Annalise would have actually appreciated getting a better look at the nurse that way!

Diana said...

I am glad that the appointment went well. I love her little face. So cute. Of course you have a genius!!

D. said...

It all sounds like great news Jessica...I'm happy things are going better for you now!

PDXTingeys said...

She is so cute!!! Sorry I haven't been down to visit yet. I'm such a loser.