Monday, October 19, 2009

Other 2-month stuff

*Annalise can stand on her legs and support her weight quite well. She has been doing this for a few weeks now.

*She pretty much sticks to a self-imposed sleeping schedule- she goes down without a peep around 9 pm, usually wakes for a 5-minute feed around 4am, and wakes for good around 8am. Very pleasant you might realize.

*Sleep schedule during the day: ZILCH. Very unpleasant you might realize.

*I never have to think about nursing anymore. She does it like a champ, and while I spent the first month or more of her life watching the clock like a psycho, making sure she got at least ten minutes of sucking on each side to the second before I would let her latch off, and woke her in the night so she wouldn't waste away, and basically stressed myself sick over it all because she started out so skinny, now I don't have to think about it and she lets me know when she's hungry (or needing a comfort-nurse) and keeps herself full and plump.

*My body slash ovaries, the one person slash thing who should understand best how much we did not so much enjoy being pregnant, would, with this recognition you would think, perhaps consider remaining infertile for at least a year. That was my goal, what with nursing 'round the clock and all that sleep-depriving jazz. Just to give a chick a break. Said body slash ovaries are instead popping eggs like a deranged Pez dispenser while Some. People. are struck with the terrifying realization that they could have gotten accidently pregnant when their child was just six weeks old because they didn't even realize it was possible and thus apparently should have paid more attention in that seventh-grade health class you had to get a permission-slip for.


Diana said...

Cutest picture. Wow, she is really growing!! I think that is a great night schedule. Enjoy every minute of sleep!!

Jessica said...

Sadly, both Dave and Pixie wake me up all night too. Dave with his snoring and Pixie with her scratching, tags tinkling, and rough head-cuddles. About once an hour I am awake, shushing someone or another!

Stephanie said...

The comment about being sort of left it in the air. So you think you might be pregnant?

PS: I hope your baby likes me some day:)

JENNILLE said...

I am confused too. Are you pregnant?

My OB says it's not possible for a woman to get pregnant until after 10 wks post pardom!?

Dave Fuhriman said...

To clarify, my wife is not pregnant.

Impossible, really, what with the emergency vasectomy I had 90 minutes after our dear daughter was born.

No, I'm kidding about the vasectomy but not about Jessica's womb. Onay abybay.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

No, not preggo- I was trying to say without saying it that I ovulated six-weeks postpartum and got my period at eight weeks. Afterwards I read that it happens all the time, just usually not if you're nursing on-demand. Crazy!!