Monday, June 15, 2009

iPhone 3GS

Dave and I both need new phones. Our plans have expired and both our phones suck. Mine is broken in several ways, one of which involving a newfound disability for me to hear the other party without the phone being set to speakerphone. Not only do people look at you like a menace to society as you stroll down supermarket aisles chatting away to a loudly-booming pal, but we've been embarrassed several times as I've picked up calls from my DH who, having no idea anyone else could hear, loudly declared some unmentionables upon greeting.

I have long coveted an iPhone. Also I get lost a lot, and since our GPS was stolen, have been a mess for months. As part of my proposal to Dave for these lovely gadgets, I presented many worthy facts as to why it was clearly in our best interest to procure one as soon as possible.

"They have a built-in GPS!" I told him brightly. "We won't have to buy a separate one, and I'll never get lost again!"

"Hmm," said Dave.

"And we can check our email! You know how we're always needing info from some email when we're on the road!"

"Hmm," said Dave.

"And it has a regular camera AND a video camera! You never know when you're going to need a VIDEO camera! And... oh please please please please please please please PLEASE!!!"

"Hmm," said Dave.

As his face turned red with the anxiety of even having the discussion about spending money, I promptly gave up and thought no more about it. But he went online and saw how the new one is coming out at such a great price and, through extensive working and re-working of the phone plans and cable/dvr/home phone/internet bills, devised a way we could get the AT&T plans and still not pay any more a month than we currently do. Then he said I could have the actual phone (made more affordable after the $150 discount for signing up) as my Push Present. This was very welcome news. Dave did point out that I would have to return it if I wound up needing an emergency C-Section though, thus earning no rights to a Push Present whatsoever. Ha! I am excited for my new phone.


Staci said...

This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read!!!

Dave Fuhriman said...

Love you honey! I forgot to mention how we're saving money on TV and Internet to afford the iPhone package:
- Reduced our cable package to three channels: CNBC, Fox Business and ESPN
- Our Internet package limits us to receiving 5 emails a week and visiting 2 websites a day
- Our DVR is just me watching a show and then describing it to you

I'm glad that's going to work for you...

Jessica said...

Jess! You get stuff out of Dave the way Dylan gets stuff out of me! the "Please oh please oh please oh please oh please" method of persuasion.
Very effective.

Julie and Todd said...

I am finally caught up and have read all of the posts that I missed. I must say that the contractions and constant pain are not pleasant sounding. I can relate to the anemia and failing the GD test. did you go in for further testing? Did some research on it. Let me know if you're interested. Need to see you soon please.

Angela said...

Precious and cute Jessica...I've been "catching up on your past blogs" and you are hiliarious and I miss you soooo much! But at least reading your blog helps me feel closer to you. Congrats on winning the iphone war...your husband is nice!!! Love Bean

Courtney said...

So. Jealous.