Monday, May 4, 2009

Petunia Pickle Bottom

I have long, long, LONG been off-handedly searching for a diaper bag that I like. Usually I don't really like the shape, or the size, or the pattern, or the colors, or most often, a combination of all four. I've never been especially impressed with the billions I've seen, but always kept my eyes open in case something wonderful should fashionably appear on the shoulder of particularly good-tasted mommy. I've been looking since I got engaged. Just in case. Because, I mean, you have to find a cute one.

Well out of the blue, at a recipe club in Vancouver, I was walking by a pile of purses and the most gorgeous pattern of pink and black brocade jumped out and caught my eye. I leaned closer to take in the pleasing shape of this luscious sack, before realizing... it was a diaper bag! I caught my breath with joy. I hurriedly memorized the brand on the front and vowed to race home and explore my options. Petunia Pickle Bottom- what a cute name, I thought. Maybe it sells at Target? Maybe I could find a magical stray at Marshall's or Ross? Perhaps eBay could lend a wallet-friendly hand?

Yeah. No.

They range from $170 to the mid- $300s. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Just my luck. I finally find the perfect bag (no small feat!) and it might as well cost three million dollars, for all the good their ridiculous prices are going to do me. I officially reject this capitalistic democratic society. As a last democratic overture, I vote for myself to become queen, thus having all the money in the world, the most goregous houseful of furniture anyone has ever seen, a nursery fit for five princesses, and fifty-two stunning colors of Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags to make you ooh and aah.


nicole said...

That is a pretty darn cute diaper bag.
After just using the one they gave us at the hospital for my first two children -- my spousal unit actually approved of me getting a "real" diaper bag this time. I found my perfect bag at Ross! It's not technically a diaper bag (more of an organizer tote) -- but it will work fabulously!
I'll show it to you next time you guys are over.

Staci said...

You just don't realize yet that you deserve it. I know you...It will take you about three months and you will have it all.

By the way - it can be part of your registry for your shower!!!

M-A said...

I've seen them at nordstrom rack for $50. I've also seen them on craiglist and ebay. They are super cute, but not super practical. They are pretty small, so if you plan to have another one soon it might not be the best idea. I got a fluerville diaper bag on ebay. You can actually use any cute bag as a diaper bag...just buy a changing mat to put in it.

Courtney said...

So, just as an FYI, they sell Petunia Pickle Bottom at Layla Grace. Miss Sara Crabb actually has the cutest Petunia Pickle Bottom bag which she uses as a clutch, but which is actually a tiny diaper bag. Can you say employee discount?

Emily said...

Oh, that second one is pretty darn cute. But I can't imagine spending that much on a diaper bag. I don't even want to spend $30 to replace my purse and the fabric on one side is starting to tear, but I hate purse shopping, I don't like to spend the money and it's so hard for me to find one I like, not too small, not too big, good pockets for all of my needs... why does it have to be so tricky?!? So I can imagine the pain of shopping for a diaper bag, I bet I'd find that especially hard seeing as I've never had kids and I wouldn't actually have a good idea of what I would want in one.

Jessica said...

I am totally going to Nordstrom Rack to look! We have one right near us and I've never even been inside! Shame on me!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Super cute!