Monday, March 30, 2009

This week

Our friends Gilbert and Nicole invited us to their beach house for the weekend and we loved it. It poured rain the entire time, in addition to covering us with many hail storms, but just getting away and sitting inside somewhere OTHER than home made it very enjoyable. The company was great too, and we were introduced to one of my new favorite games, Bananagrams, which I hear is similar to Speed Scrabble, though I wouldn't know about that since the only Scrabble I ever played was with my mother and you could take a trip to Europe during her turn and come home and still have to wait for your own turn to begin.

I had three of my favorite things- a homemade caramel, a caramel popcorn ball, and a caramel apple. Mmm. Caaaaaramel.

I accidently forgot to take any pictures, except of an exceptionally large slug (posing with the four-year-old for sake of relational size) we saw on a trail down to the beach. I accidently cut off the slug's head in the picture. Clearly not my best photography weekend.

I must have used up all my talents during the week, when I did an impromptu photoshoot of a makeover on two teenaged girls in our ward. The makeup artist:

The before-shot:

And after:

I got a fun package in the mail this week too. Emily sent me treatment "prescriptions" for my morning sickness, by a certain Dr. Gno Mo Puk, that *amazingly* tasted exactly like gourmet candies. Each one is individually labeled with hand-typed instructions for my personal usage. Um, some of the original prescriptions are missing from this picture. Don't tell Dr. Puk, but I may have overdosed a bit.


Cooper Family said...

Great photography skills with the photo shoot!

Emily said...

Jessica forgot to take pictures?? What a crazy day! Ewww giant slug. Once I found a slug about that size in my backyard. I was horrified.