Sunday, March 29, 2009

21 weeks

The un-named Girl-Child is getting stronger- this week I felt kicks/punches/elbows so strongly they caused me to gasp and evaluate for a moment if everything was okay or I was going into spontaneous labor. Luckily, all was well- Girlie was just being a tad abusive. Once she pops out we will instruct about better manners.

It's fun to be friends with other people who are pregnant too. Nicole is seven weeks ahead of me gestationally, and any time I mention something I'm experiencing or think is weird she has unequivocally experienced it herself, this being her third pregnancy.

"But my stomach gets BIGGER every night-it's like someone blew up a balloon which deflates by morning!"

"Perfectly normal," she comforts.

"But I still get morning sick! And everyone PROMISED it would go away!"

"Happens all the time," she sympathizes.

"But other people like it when the baby kicks, and to me it's nauseating and kind of hurts!"

"I had a bruise on my rib for nine months from the kicking," she commiserates.

"But if I expend any energy my stomach clenches into a vice grip!"

"Mine too," she consoles.

Then we played an air hockey match so intense that as we stumbled away when it was over, we were having matching contractions. A Matching Contractor. Now that's a real friend.


Emily said...

That's cool that you have somebody like that to go through it all with. Seems like it would help a lot. Did you know that Craft Warehouse has Unity stamps now? I'm excited, Chelsea is going to come demo them at the stamp club this Wednesday.

nicole said...

Awwwww... I feel honored to have been a subject of one of your posts. And by the way, it is nice for me to be going through it all with a friend as well! :)

Staci said...

I am glad you have a great friend to talk with you about all the crazy pregnancy stuff.

I can't wait to meet this wild little girl. I just love wild girls. I was one, and I have fun.

Courtney said...

Well, at least we know that girl-child has inherited your spunk!!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

She's almost as far along as me. I wish I could be with you during our pregnancies too!

Jessica said...

Emily- I didn't know about Wednesday! I will try to come.

Val- I wish we could be together for our pregnancies too!