Thursday, March 5, 2009


As of two days ago I've been able to feel the baby!!! And the baby feels like... gas. But it happens whenever I roll over and squish it. And it happens in the same spot until I stop squishing it, thereby not to be confused with actual gas. It seems the baby thumps on the wall with its fist at any sign of squishing, not unlike a downstairs neighbor pounding their ceiling with a broom handle if you're too loud upstairs.

Hi Baby! Nice to feel you!

Additionally, I ran across these hilarious photos of Dave's (our!) niece Olivia at our wedding. I had to share.


Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Hilarious pics! Congrats on feeling the baby! It's the best feeling ever!

Sassymama said...

Heeheehee on the pictures.

And yes... I thought it felt like gas also...

Jessica said...

I'll never know why they call it The Quickening....because that sounds like a scary flick!
But those first flutters of life inside you are so awe-inspiring. So overwhelming, so wonderful.
You think...We made another person!

And then you think, and that person LIVES INSIDE ME?!? WEIRD!

And THAT is the feeling that you take until the birth....
That weird, I'm two people in one feeling.
Like the candy Warheads, it's something that is great at the beginning and by the end you're like PLEASE let this be over soon!


Cooper Family said...

I do love to feel the baby move, but I think what I like even more is SEEING it move. When you can see the baby kick or punch when just looking at your stomach and it looks like it is going to jump out at any moment, that is so neat! Kind of freaky sometimes, but really neat.

nicole said...

When they get the hiccups inside of you... it is a strange feeling.

mama laurie's friend said...

Hello Jessica, Dave, Little Pea Pod and Pixie,

I'm working from an old, tired computer that can't always read or reach your blog, but I love it and you make my day!

I'm an old friend of your Mom's, Jessica, so I've been hearing the latest news about you from her. She is so excited (as you know). But hearing thi˜gs directly from your end is a you've described in the past 2 days. Love, A.

Courtney said...

Congrats, Jess!! That is super-cool. I now have a mental image of him/her pounding their fists on your uterus in my head....actually that's kinda disturbing. But still, nice to know that the baby's doing okay in there!!