Monday, March 2, 2009

17 weeks

New exciting tidbits in my life include an expanding belly button (the radius of the currently-still-innie is spreading across my protusionary midsection) and a newfound ability to refrain from relieving myself more frequently than every two minutes.

Also, I have noticed a very interesting new issue to contend with- I've been feeling like I swallowed a bowling ball. This makes it markedly more difficult to navigate my person. For instance, bending, twisting, and reaching have all become very tricky. Many previously thoughtless movements now feel like I am squashing my bowling ball quite rudely and uncomfortably. Well, I read today that my uterus is now the size of "a cantaloupe or larger". So feeling like a bowling ball is in there wasn't too far off. Putting on socks and shoes is hard/uncomfortable. Standing up from the floor is even a tiny bit harder. Laying on my back feels like the bowling ball is smashing the life force out of me. I anticipate this rather unfortunate bowling-ball-sensation trend to worsen significantly.

I have begun having millions of dreams too. And weird ones. And stressful ones. And ones where I am remembering everyone I ever knew since I was born. I think it's just because I'm not that comfortable when I sleep anymore so I wake up more often and can now remember the dreams. But it's strange. Last night I was running away from monsoons with my best friend from junior high and her twin brother while we lamented the terrible way his girlfriend was treating him.

Little Tater Tot is now five inches long, from the top of the head to the cute smushy bottom. Plus a couple of inches for legs, I would guess.

I am very excited to be planning a baby shower for my friend, probably in May! Has anyone played fun games at one that they remember? I've played the dirty diaper/candy bar game, and the memory games and a couple others, but I would love some fresh ideas. Yay for new babies!!!


M-A said...

That's how I know I'm prego, I start having very vivid dreams/nightmares starting the night of conception. Oh, and you have NO idea what's coming. I almost died from back pain my first pregnancy. Doing pregnancy yoga really helps you strengthen your back/be more flexible. You can get dvd's at target or online.

Blythe said...

I already feel like I have to pee every two minutes...what's going to happen when I'm pregnant?

Here's a link for a bunch of baby shower games that I used once a long time ago:

There are pages and pages of ideas!

Blythe said...

Is it just me, or is the end of that link cut off? If you can't see the whole link, you can at least just go to and then click on "games."

Emily said...

Hi Jessica, so you find out this week the gender, right? What day are you going to find out? Melissa at CW had her baby on February 28th, she had it 2 months premature, it wasn't due until May 4th. But everybody said they were both in stable condition when I found out on Saturday.

Erica said...

Have you felt the baby moving yet, that is by far the BEST ever!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Blythe- I got a ton of ideas from that website.

I haven't felt the baby move yet- can't wait!!!

Courtney said...

Such a cute little bowling ball spud!!