Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aaaaand the not-so-good news

So we are obviously very happy about the health and apparent beauty (did you see her stunning profile?) of our baby daughter. We are thrilled with the evidence of her obvious smarts (the doctor showed us the hemispheres of her brain- veeeeery intelligent-looking we all agreed). On the down-side though, after the ultrasound was over the doctor and resident left the room for a long time to consult with our doctor. We sat there forever and they made us late for our next appointment, which was with him. At some point Dave voiced his concerns to me ("Uh... is this normal?") but as he is admittedly paranoid, we hoped we were just imagining things.

When they came back, we asked if anything was wrong. The main doctor said, Oh no no, everything's fine, but when I looked at the less-experienced (and therefore less-adept-at-lying-to-her-patients-yet) resident, her eyes couldn't lie. She tried to smile nonchalantly but I knew.

"Is the baby deformed?" I demanded. She shook her head and just said softly, "Your doctor will talk to you."

Our doctor did talk to us and what he said was, "You have a fibroid the size of a golfball on your right ovary." A fibroid is a tumor containing fibrous tissue that usually occurs inside the uterus. We were told that about 30% of women get them, and that they are hereditary (my mom had them) and that there are three places you can get them and mine is in the most promising spot for not bothering the baby or disrupting my plans of a natural childbirth. The good doctor said there is only the tiniest chance that it could be cancer, and that fibroids usually grow the most during pregnancy or menopause. They will have to watch it carefully to see if it is growing and if it is not, it should not be a problem. If it is, they will talk to me about my options then. I will have to have regular ultrasounds from now on to keep track of it. This effectively slung me from my proudly-inhabited "extremely low-risk" category into the much less desirable "doctors-now-talk-to-me-with-a-worried-frown" category. Let's pray for shrink-age!

As you might imagine, this news was a little dampering on our happy spirits. A monstrous hail storm was assailing the doctor's office as we talked. The weather was crazy and hearing the word "cancer" was crazy. Yeah, you never want to hear the word CANCER. It was all a little dismal.

The positive side though is at least now I will receive regular pictures of my cute little babe (sure to only be growing cuter with each ultrasonic image!)


Robyn said...

Jess, don't let it worry you! I had to have my cervix biopsied because they thought it was cancer, then after the biopsy said not cancer...right now?!? Then my thyroid has littered with nodules. Again, biopsied and non-cancerous. Both of these during this last pregnancy. Pregnancy goes weird things to your body that you have already experienced and will continue to experience.

Courtney said...

Jess, you shouldn't worry. They just tell you all those things so that they can say they are covering their bases, and you can't come back and sue them for malpractice later. But fibroids are almost never cancerous. I'm sure you are, and will continue to be, healthy, healthy, healthy!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I too, agree with the first 2 comments and want you to multiple those positive thoughts by 100 times over!

I've been at high risk for cervical and breast cancer my entire adult life (actually, since my teenage years.) In spite of some scares, I am A.O.K. and never develpoed the dreaded "C" word, THANK GOD.

I know alot about reproductive health matters, both personally and professionally, and fibroids are most always benign (as Courtney said.)

The best thing you can do is what your doctor suggested..."watchful waiting"...and keep yourself and your sweet little girl worry free.

Sassymama said...

Regular ultrasounds are fabuloso!!!
As for the fibroid now rudely taking up space in your ovary-- I am sending fiery darts and "shrinkage" vibes. Don't worry... I have very good aim:)

Hang in there.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Didn't your mom have something similar? I think everything will be fine. As you said, at least you get regular ultra sounds!

Blythe said...

Don't worry, hot mama! I know that I don't know anything about anything, but it sounds like your chances of being totally fine are much better than your chances of having something wrong. That was a totally convoluted sentence.

I've had issues with ovarian cysts for around ten years, and I know it's not the same thing at all...but I can at least relate to having issues in that particular region of your body. Make sure to keep us updated!

Jessica said...

OK. Lemme just say that I truly believe you and baby girl will be A-OK.
I say this as a fibroid, I never had them. But when MY mom was pregnant with ME she had multiple fibroid tumors INSIDE the uterus with me.
This was way back in the 70s too, much worse technology and medical technique.
I survived, nay, I thrived. I arrived AFTER my due date even.

You will both be fine, and I know it because my mom and I are both fine!

Emily said...

Hi Jessica, I'm so sorry you had that stressful news! It sounds like it's not a great cause to worry, but I know it's hard not to! At least they'll be keeping a close eye on it and it's highly unlikely it's cancerous. I was reading an article in reader's digest last week that was saying tons of cancers aren't even dangerous and that with everything they can spot with medical technology today they treat tons of benign and harmless things. But you and the baby will be in my prayers!

Todd Hillyard said...

I have to admit that I was a tad surprised to hear this, but agree with every reassuring word that has been uttered. You are going to be just fine and I will, along with all of your other friends, I'm sure, anxiously await updates on the growth of your princess and shrinkage of what I am choosing to call "Fib-ree." No, that is not my girl-name suggestion.