Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awww- now my baby can poop!

We're 19 weeks along now, and in addition to having a pooper on our hands (not quite sure where that stuff goes... hmm...disturbing) we have essentially become grandparents too. Our prolific little lady has already produced six million eggs in her pint-sized ovaries.

In other news, I now wake up about every two hours at night. I'm uncomfortable, I sleep more lightly, and Dave's snores have not chosen to decrease for the benefit of my REM cycles. Also, Pixie has taken to cuddling me at night like a leech, which, while both delightful and revolutionary, can be quite startling as she plops heavily into the crook of my napping neck, or curls clumsily around my slumbering skull.

The "morning" sickness is not entirely gone and I am having some back aches, but the good news is I never get heartburn and I feel the baby move a lot. I am hungry all the time and to combat the effects of this unfortunate trend, Pixie and I have been trying to walk two miles a day. We bought a new Puppia brand harness for her that was helpfully modeled by her friends Roscoe and Izzy when they came over for a playdate on Friday and I think it will work out well. Here are some shots of the cuties loving each other.