Sunday, March 22, 2009


This was not the most stellar of weeks. I was sick at least a little every day and then I got so sick on Wednesday night that I threw up 15 times and spent 36 hours in the most excruciating of nauseatic pain. I think it was food poisoning, which I believe came from Winco, which will have to be another post in itself, possibly titled I HATE WINCO WHICH ALMOST KILLED ME.

But at least at the end of this week came today, which is...

Hump Day!

I am officially half done! I have been pregnant for 20 weeks and will be pregnant for 20 more (approximately. Maybe less if the baby likes me). I can't really remember what it was like to be thin and not pregnant, but at least the passage of time proves that progress is being made.

Now that we know it's a girl, I would like to revisit the Old Wives' tales regarding gender. Before we found out the gender, I took one of the tests on-line that, based on the popular myths, should tell you what you're having. The score of my test was a 66% chance I would have a girl, 33% chance of a boy. According to me, those Old Wives knew what they were talking about, two thirds of the time anyway.

According to these Wives, I am having a girl because I am carrying extra weight around the hips and bottom (veeeeeery depressing), the hair on my legs is not growing any faster than before I was pregnant, my feet are not colder than they were before pregnancy (they've always been freezing, are freezing at this moment, and couldn't get colder unless they died and fell off), I don't like to eat the heel of a loaf of bread, Dave hasn't been gaining weight with me, my mom doesn't have gray hair, I had morning sickness, I am not looking particularly good during pregnancy (the Wives say this is because girls steal their mothers' looks; I knew something bad was going on, I'm glad there's an explanation), my chest development has been quite dramatic, my nose has not spread, I like fruits, and the baby's heart rate is over 140.

(On the other hand I tend to crave salty foods, I am having headaches, my belly looks like a basketball as opposed to a watermellon, and I pick up mugs by their handle, all of which indicate a boy. Come on, Wives. Get it right.)

But anyway, see?? It was so obvious I was having a girl. Duh.


Staci said...

Force yourself to keep in mind that a due date is a mere approximation, and that your baby could come earlier or several weeks later. Every time I am pregnant, I struggle not to get too attached to the EDD.

So glad the Old Wives were so accurate for you.

Courtney said...

Happy Hump Day!!

Emily said...

have you gotten your hump day present?

Blythe said...

Holy smokes, those Old Wives are seriously complex!