Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I hate them. It's not like anyone likes them, but at least when you're being picked on yourself, you can decide what you're going to do and go for it. When you're thousands of miles away and you know that a gorgeous, precious, sweetheart of a fifteen-year-old is suffering at the hands of a Mean Girl, it's INFURIATING.

Our niece Hayley truly could not be a more sensitive, lovely, and stunning teenager. She is beautiful, has adorable style, and a killer bod. She looks like she's 21. Naturally folks would be jealous, but I forgot how bad high school girls can be. A girl that Hayley has never spoken to got dumped by her boyfriend and became jealous when she found out Hayley is friends with him. She proceeded to trickily procure someone else's phone to cyber-bully (actually text-bully) Haley for hours, swearing her brains out, calling her names, and insulting the pants off her. She told her (over and over) that everyone hates her, she has no friends, she's self-centered, stuck-up, blah blah blah. The worst stuff you can say to a teenager. To be honest, it's like calling a hamster stuck-up. Or a butterfly. Utterly ridiculous. Hayley responded to everything calmly but related that after the attack, she was so upset she was shaking. I can imagine.

Physically violent urges filled me on her behalf, and I wanted to manually strangle the words from the skinny texting fingers of this jealous Nasty. Hayley used the opportunity to publicly (blog-ily) remember her blessings, be grateful for her testimony and Young Women leaders and thank her Heavenly Father for hard experiences that help you learn. Dave and I used the opportunity to alert her we were arranging a professional hit.

We called her and told her all the things she already knows, that lots of people love and like her, that the girl is just miserable and jealous, and that only people that feel bad about themselves try to make other people feel bad. But this stuff hurts. And to happen to such an innocent girl! I was accosted by a meanie or two in my day and I will never forget the experiences.

I am considering speaking to her principal myself. I will suggest expulsion. Possibly jail time.


Emily said...

Darling Hayley, listen to your Aunt Jessica! I know it's hard right now but the mean girls will grow out of it. It may take them 15 years to apologize but know that you blessed and will be stronger in life when it comes to tough things. At your 10 or 20 year high school reunion when you've gone on to be successful and happy they'll be really jealous! Believe me!

Staci said...

No doubt, girls can be pretty out of control! I don't get it. I hope Haley is able to realize that it has nothing at all to do with her.

Hayley said...

Hey thanks again, Jessica (and David :)) thats incredibly sweet and i love you so much!!! ya, teen girls can just be stupid sometimes- im just glad im not in a group where i deal with that everyday! that would suck- once in a while is fine :) haha but i will definitely update you if anything happens!!! thanks so much for your support
tell pixie and Jessica Jr. i say hi!!! much luv

Todd Hillyard said...

I think when bullies have bad days, it starts smelling like abscessed teeth.

Emily said...

Hopefully she realizes it's just the stupidity you deal with at that age and nothing to take to heart. When I was in 8th grade one of my friends had was enemies with this other girl (I'm not even sure why to this day) and this girl would walk around the school calling me a slut whenever she saw me. The whole thing was really just funny, because I didn't have a boyfriend, had never even kissed a boy at that point, and I would seriously laugh when she said it. It's good if you can laugh at things like that. And a few years later we were both laughing about it. Sounds like it's time to start deleting texts from that number without even bothering to read them.