Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today is exactly one year from the day that Dave proposed! He called this morning from work to wish me a Happy Engagement Anniversary. That also means it's Liam-ito the Burrito's 2nd birthday! Happy birthday Burrito Boy! That also means that I am 15 weeks preggo. And also that we find out the gender in just 3 weeks!

On Saturday morning I came stumbling out of bed uncharacteristically early, and happened upon a quite startled Dave, who shooed me quickly back into the bedroom because he just "wasn't ready yet!" Clanks and crashes emanated from yonder kitchen regions and before I knew it I was enjoying a lovely breakfast in bed. He presented me with an adorable poem he'd written and a card as well and we went to lunch at his favorite burger joint, Five Guys. Afterwards we played with puppies at the adoption event across the street at Petsmart (which diiiiiid unfortunately result in an extensive begging session and an unromantic series of heart-wrenching denials.)

Dave told me he would make me anything I would like for dinner so I requested his mom's recipe for pot roast. The sweetie cooked it all day and we had a lovely dinner before heading out to Moonstruck for a special Valentine chocolate-tasting event that included several gourmet chocolates, a description of what order to eat them in so as to best experience their subtleties, a hot chocolate of one's choice, and a luscious chocolate candle. They whole day and night were extremely fun and Dave should win an award for his thoughtfulness.

This was our view as we dined.

Our lovely chocolate lovelies:

Dave making sure they are as good as they look:

This was my DELICIOUS UNBELIEVABLE AMAZING Mexican hot chocolate, with whipped cream, cinnamon, vanilla, and almond extract mixed in.

Me enjoying said lusciousness.

Happy V-day to all!!


Blythe said...

Your Valentine's Day sounds amazing! All of your descriptions of scrumptious food made me hungry though...where's some Mexican hot chocolate when you need it?

Staci said...

I am a teeny bit jealous of your Valentines Day...ours was slightly less romantic, Oh well...I am glad yours was so wonderful!!!

cdr said...

We've never met before. But I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. And chocolate too.

Jessica said...

Thanks cdr! Glad to have you. :)