Monday, February 23, 2009


Thai-food update: Thai Lily gets an 'A'. We stopped in on a whim for take-out to be most pleasantly surprised.

Vietnamese-food update: Dave and I went dinner at yet another sub-par Vietnamese restaurant. DO NOT BOTHER with Saigon Grill. We both didn't like our meals. And we both order the same thing wherever we go. On the way home, we discussed the merits of Vietnamese food in general.

"The thing is," Dave said, "my range is like this." He held his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart. "You experience highs and lows with your Vietnamese that I've never known." I nodded. Quite so.

"For me, it's either pretty good or not that great. But for you..." he flung his arms about wildly, indicating my range, "it's like the best thing that has ever existed on the earth. "Or contrastingly," he said, "poop with tofu."


nicole said...

This made Gilbert and I laugh. We could just picture Dave giving the "food range" explanation speech.

Emily said...

There's a Vietnamese food restaurant that my husband likes, I on the other hand, cannot give you my recommendation, because I don't really like that kind of food at all. The name of the place is Pho Hoai and it's in the plaza on the corner of 185th and Baseline. It's just a little place.

Courtney said...

What's wrong with a woman's right to above-par Vietnamese food? Nothing, I say!