Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sushi Update

We are finally in the 100's! Only 199 more days til my due date!

As an update, sushi cravings are actually the only thing that gets me out of the house these days. So yesterday, as promised, I ordered. And I received! But I accidently ordered three rolls because the day before the two I ordered disappeared before I got home to enjoy them at the kitchen table.

"One Double-Crunch roll and two Atlantics, no raw fish please," I ordered.

"Two Atlantics?" The lady repeated. I assured her that she had heard me correctly. As I waited for them to be ready, a man walked in to pick up his own take-out order.

"I had the Spicy Tuna roll," he told her. One roll?! A grown man?

Next, a lady walked in to pick up her take-out order. She told them her name.

"$16.00," the owner said. I translated this to roughly two rolls, as they are 6-8 dollars apiece.

That's a little more like it, I mollified myself.

The lady handed over her cash.

"This is for lunch and dinner," she explained apologetically.

My bill was for $21 and I had not thought to explain nor apologize.

She probably thinks I am picking up lunch for a group, I comforted myself. Then I remembered that she knows I am pregnant which is why I can have no raw fish and I ordered all my rolls with no raw fish.

Wah. Wah. Waaaaaaaah.


Emily said...

you are eating for two... they just can't see him/her yet!

PDXTingeys said...

You are making me hungry talking about sushi! We should go to lunch, I'm dying to try this place!

Courtney said...

More power to you, Jess! It actually comforts me to hear that someone else eats as much in one sitting as I do....and I don't even have the pregnancy excuse.

Julie and Todd said...

Yeah. THis is a craving that I cannot relate to. But a better craving than some of the fatty, fried, horrible, greasy things that I occasionally craved that could be purchased only at the fastest of fast food restaurants. BTW, are you alive? Called you. Wanna play. Miss you.