Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peachy Keen

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME??????????????????? It is snowing. Again. A ton. Every time this has happened in the last month (which is now approximating 14,000 times) Dave sidles up to the window with mild interest and pronounces it very uncommon. I am starting not to believe him.

My fetus and I are doing relatively okay, although if I stay up too late (just like you said, Nicole) or don't get enough sleep or sometimes for no reason at all, I still feel horribly sick. Yesterday I had to take TWO Zofrans during the day, which I never had to do even during the worst of it. And I still felt horrible and it actually didn't help at all. Which is terrifying. I felt so bad all day that Dave took pity on me and brought home sushi which I couldn't even eat!!! Let me tell you, that has never happened before. I raced to eat some, expecting the normal nausea-soothing influences that swallowing food usually bestows, only to feel even sicker and quite desirous to fling myself out an 80-story window.

In better news, I am now in the second trimester and Limey has burgeoned to the size of a peach. We have another doctor's appointment in a week and I am going to try to force them to give me an ultrasound because I would really like a picture of Peachy Keen. I also want to buy a fetal heart rate monitor which you can get for less than $100 and then I can listen to thu-thumping every day!

We went to visit Dave's parents in Mississippi over the weekend and had a great time. I did happen to miss the memo though that we would be taking a red-eye Thursday night with a lay-over in the middle. And I had the middle seat. On a full plane. Dave is now very clear on the understanding that, in fact, not only will we never be doing that ever again, we may possibly be giving up air travel completely for the rest of our lives.

Also, some help here: should I be concerned that I really feel like I've been showing for weeks now? All I hear is that it's too soon, but I'm not making it up. Am I on the road to obesity? Am I carrying a litter? Do I have a strange disease? Thoughts/comments/explanations highly appreciated.


Emily said...

i may need to see a photo to confirm or deny that you are truly showing :) you're super skinny anyway! I have another present for you and will send it soon... miss you!

Robyn said...

Don't stress about showing Jess! every body is different and you might have a body that wants to tell the world about peachy. Perhaps you are farther along than you know. Yeah for the 2nd tri. It is the best one by far.

Courtney said...

When you are the size of a beanpole to begin with, Jess, even the tiniest of "fruit" will make you show.

You couldn't be on the road to obesity even if you tried, silly girl!

Emily said...

You know, what Dave said about the snow being rare is totally true normally. It usually snows maybe once or twice a year here and it's really light, melts right away. This was a bad winter, I think for the whole country really.

And yeah, you are really skinny to begin with so it makes sense you would start to show early. But you should just talk to your doctor about your weight gain and whether it's a healthy amount. I bet it's fine, you want to be gaining a healthy amount.

We took a red eye home from Hawaii when I went in July 07... what a nightmare. In fact, both flights were a nightmare, the way over because we all got seats in different spots in the plane and my cat had just died earlier that week so I spent the 5 hour flight crying by some poor stranger, and the flight back I didn't get any sleep. I don't get how people can sleep on planes.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Starting to show for you or everyone else? I'm sure you're the only one in the world who can see that you're showing, besides Dave when you're nude. People might notice that you're thicker if they know you well, but I'm sure you're not showing like "I need maternity clothes right now!"

Julie and Todd said...

I'd have to see it for myself, but since you have yet to call us back, I cannot schedule a time to stare at your midsection. If you are, in fact, carrying a litter, you'll find out when you demand the ultra-sound. Another reason to get one now, right? On the road to obesity? Well, let's just say that is one feeling to which I can certainly relate. I was absolutely convinced from month one of chub and growing fat in my midsection (no roundness to speak of...just blob-ness) that I was on the same road and was destined to be fat forever. Alas, as my stomach started getting stretched to 10x's it's normal size, I realized that I hadn't seen anything yet. I do like the hard texture of it better, though, as things progress. Won't feel so obese...just really large. How's that for optimistic?

Julie and Todd said...

P.S. I think that being a twig has it's disadvantages. You = twiglet. Anything with the slightest layer of flesh makes you feel fat. Those of us who started out a little meatier weren't so shocked when the meat just expanded a bit :-) I love your tiny self that will never be fat.