Friday, January 30, 2009

Pixie is a terrible dog

In a woozy daze from simultaneously fighting three loads of laundry, a sinkful of dishes, a salad for six, and my BFF Nausea, I headed to the door with Pixie to take her for a pee-pee. I grabbed her leash like usual, and holding it in my hand, opened the front door. Pixie was halfway down the driveway before I realized what I'd done! I stood there with the stupid unattached leash in my hand as Pixie streaked away around the corner, barking vigorously, and turning around occasionally to see if I was still in pursuit.

She zig-zagged back and forth across the street, barking, leaping, chasing imaginary squirrels, and howling with naughty pleasure. At one point she was so far ahead I couldn't see her, and that's when I hear her bark change. Looking extremely hot in Dave's old fleece, my hair unbrushed, and sporting a fuzzy pair of crocks, I picked up my speed when I heard her "mean" barking begin. Two young boys, walking home together from school, probably third grade, were sprinting away from her as she chased them with devilish delight. They screamed and flailed as they ran causing her to pursue with heady self-importance. As it happened, another young boy, probably eleven or twelve, came racing out his front door in response to the commotion. He ran after Pixie to try and protect the younger boys.

"It's okay!" I yelled, racing away from down the street. "She doesn't bite!"

"It's okay! Don't worry!" the older boy yelled to the younger ones, quite sweetly, I might add. The younger boys slowed slightly, and Pixie turned her attentions on the older boy, barking very meanly-sounding.

"She doesn't bite?" he asked comfortably, and I told him no.

"Want me to catch her?" he offered. "I'm really fast!"

Were he as fast as Superman I knew she still would never let him catch her, so I suggested another plan.

"Actually, if you could just chase her towards me..." I said. The boy circled around, doing just that, calling out to the younger boys to block her in from the other side. But as they were terrified they made no such moves.

In less than 2 seconds, Pixie was herded right towards me, and in another moment was in my arms. The amazingly sweet and cute kid smiled crookedly at me as I thanked him heartily.

"No prob!" he said cheerfully, waving goodbye to me and the other boys like an adult. "Have a great day!" he said, as he headed home smiling.

What the...? Who was this little angel?!?


Will and Sandy said...

What can I say? Oak Hills kids are just really sweet:)

Staci said...

That is so cute!!! Great story. I could picture the whole thing.

Courtney said...

Too bad he's not, like, 20 years older, 'cause then I'd ask you to set me up with him. It is truly rare to find polite gentlemen anymore.

Emily said...

That's funny they were scared of Pixie. I don't care how mean she can bark, I never would have been scared of her past the age of 7. But I lived out in the country, maybe that makes a difference.

Jen said...

I'll bet he was one of the three Nephites still here roaming around!!! =)

Julie and Todd said...

And thus Pixie couldn't join our dogs for a night of partying this weekend. Shame on her! They miss their Pix!