Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am Suffering an Addiction to Bite-Sized Rice-y Rolls

I didn't take Zofran yesterday or the day before. I am feeling pretty sick this morning so I will take it today, but on the whole I think I am getting better. 12 weeks is almost here! And that's when they say it usually subsides, with a downhill trend after 10 weeks. HALLELUJAH!!

I hesitate to write the truth of my sushi obsession lest you think I am exaggerating, or crazy. But here we go. When Dave and I went to Mio Sushi the other night I convinced him to let me poke out the raw part of a piece from my favorite roll (the 'Atlantic', for anyone with half a brain who will thus immediately go out and gorge their non-pregnant selves on 50 of them) and enjoy it anyway. It was pure heaven. Since the tuna doesn't have much flavor, the roll was still 95% as good. I asked the waitress if in the future I could just order my favorite rolls sans the fish and replaced perhaps with shrimp or something and she said yes. I almost kissed her.

The day before yesterday I dreamt all morning of getting myself some sushi for lunch. I was so happy all day. So happy and expectant. I roused myself and brushed my hair. I put on clothes. These days those things are not a given. I looked for my purse. And looked. And looked. And looked. And finally realized it was in Dave's trunk, complete with my keys and wallet. I called him in misery. He confirmed the torturous truth. I spent the rest of the day miserable on the couch, with only reruns of A Baby Story and a pot of Rice-a-Roni to my name. It was not my best day.

Yesterday was different though. I retrieved my purse. I dreamt all morning of the lusciousness that awaited my noontime hour. Promptly at 12, I flew from the homestead to the Sushi-lestial Kingdom, I mean, Mio Sushi.

I got my two favorite rolls. (Do normal people get one? Hmm. When Dave and I go together, we share 6. They do always seem surprised.) I couldn't wait til I got home. I devoured them in the car. It cost $15. I couldn't have been more thrilled. About an hour after they were inhaled, I began thinking about them again. I thought about them occassionally throughout the afternoon. I thought about them as I ate dinner last night. When I woke up today, they were the first things that came to mind.

Friends, I am having sushi for lunch again today.


Staci said...

Good for you. Enjoy that sushi!!! That's what being pregnant is all about.

M-A said...

If you have a KONA grill (it's a chain) they have salmon tempura rolls that have cooked salmon. Ohmygoodness they are good. You are making me want to go get some right now. We are learning how to make sushi from a Japanese lady in our ward next week (enrichment) and I'm so excited.

Courtney said...

Maybe the baby is part mermaid? :o)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You really do love that stuff, huh?! :)
I think I will be able to hear you scream after reading this: I can't stand the thought of sushi.....
:) More for you to eat, right?

Emily said...

yay for you and your sushi... i miss you! em

Will and Sandy said...

If you are this serious about sushi, you should look into the sushi making class at Uwajimaya. You could save yourself a fortune!

Emily said...

Yeah, I've never tried sushi, and can almost assuredly tell you I never will... really grossed out by the whole raw meat thing.

Jessica said...

You can not knock sushi til you've tried it. I thought it sounded as gross as the next guy, but then I placed it on my tongue and fell IN LOVE!!!

I might take a sushi class.

And the baby is definitely part mermaid. :)