Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things That Make Me Gag

1. Eggs

2. Any protein of any kind

3. My Preggie Pops that are designed to make me less nauseous.

4. When Dave sneezes

5. Thinking about the past when Dave has previously sneezed

6. The smell of the oven

7. The smell of the fireplace

8. The memory of the grilled vegetables we ate for dinner last night

9. The memory of the pepper on the grilled vegetables we ate for dinner last night

10. The thought of Chinese food that sounded so good the other day

11. Potato chips

12. Corn chips

13. Cookies

14. Garlic

15. Turkey

16. My lotion

17. My hair products

18. The smell or thought of anything else that has ever existed.


Cooper Family said...

You poor thing. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Nicole said...

While I was pregnant with Sam, the smell of Gilbert's deoderant made me throw up. And I could smell him from 50 feet away. Poor guy had to sacrifice personal hygiene for my sake.

Courtney said...

Well, at least chocolate isn't on the list. Becuase, THAT would be truly sad.

Emily said...

ugh... sorry you feel awful... hope you had some birthday cake today... xoxo

Big Sky Baldwins said...

Sorry about the preggie pops. I used the drops but apparently you have a much worse case of the yucky tummies than I did:( What about saltines or nilla waffers? Hang in there, the end result is worth it!!

Jessica said...

Roy, the Preggie Pops worked at first and just recently have taken a downhill turn. :(