Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Things have not been going well.

The good news is, I learned a new trick wherein if I stuff myself, I feel less queasy for a few hours. I have thus been stuffing around the clock. The bad news: I am therefore bound to look nine months pregnant before the second month is up.

More bad news: I am learning I am very wimpy about pain and misery. As Dave pointed out in an eye-opening conversation, I might have to rethink this whole natural birth idea I had, as I would happily take 14 epidurals right this second if it meant the nausea would go away.

A list of more bad news:

*Once turned on, my car begins overheating and has hence been stuck in the garage since Saturday because we have not had time to take it into the shop together between our two schedules. This means I've had to drive Dave to and from work for the past two days so that I can keep the car to get to my own work. (Each morning, writhing in agony.)

*Yesterday on my way home from work, I came upon a bend in the road in our neighborhood. The road turned, and my steering wheel turned, but alas, the car did not turn. It continued in its icy trajectory toward a parked car, picking up speed as I frantically pumped the brakes, screaming "Shoot! Shoooooooooooooot!" like a loony. I missed the car by inches and smashed instead into the curb, creating a sound not unlike a shotgun going off in my ear.

*My Curb Crash severely impaired the car's alignment, and now that car is in the shop.

*I am supposed to go to work today. I have no car. Dave has no car. I was going to walk the three miles, but a snowstorm is currently assailing us. Also I feel so sick and horrible I want to cry and never stop.

The list of good news:

*Supposedly there is a nice baby inside me that I'm sure is very apologetic about all the nasty suffering he/she is currently causing.


Anonymous said...

(((((HUGS)))))) I feel for you. :(
Let me know if you need anything. I'll talk to you soon.

Emily said...

oh misery loves company and if i were closer i'd be there in a second!! have some news call me when you have a sec

Nicole said...

I have to say that Dave's pregnancy advice continues to make me laugh out loud. I have to agree with him this time, though... epidurals are fabulous!

Jen said...

Jess, I am so sorry for the nausea!!! So not fun =(. I'm here and missing you though. I went into your work on Thursday to say hi but didn't see you. Call me since they are probably going to cancel church till we are 40. Yeah, I'm bitter about that =).

Julie and Todd said...

I have to admit that I actually laughed out loud as I read about your "trajectory" experience. I do not, however, laugh out loud as I read about your nausea. There is nothing to laugh about there....nothing at all. I am sooo sorry.