Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I hate being nauseated. I can not express the torture I am suffering. It never goes away. I wake up many times in the night with it. Sometimes I feel panicky because I can't even look forward to its subsiding. Because it never does.

This morning around 6, as I flopped about in misery, Dave suggested that perhaps the morning sickness was in my head, and if I had a better attitude about it, I would feel better.

I stared at him and debated throwing up on his face.

"And you know," he continued doubtfully, "you think you're in pain now. But giving birth is going to be so much worse than this!"

"This is not your finest hour of advice-giving," I informed him.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl.... I feel SOOOO bad for you!!!! That must be so yucky! And to have "morning" sickness all day and night....
:( :( :(
I'll give you some advice.....
Oh, and morning sickness is REAL. Some is worse for others. I don't think that the best attitude could help... JMHO. ;)

Blythe said...

You poor thing! I think if I had been you I WOULD have thrown up on Dave. I would have thrown many other things at him as well!

MEN. They can be so clueless sometimes.

Emily said...

Yeah, I know that it isn't a laughing matter to you at all, but reading your blog, knowing that Dave said that, seriously makes me laugh. Not laughing that you feel so sick, just I mean... morning sickness... apparently it's in the head of all women who have ever had it??? Like if you had never heard about it you wouldn't suffer from it? I don't think so. I don't know much about why pregnancy causes you to feel nauseated, but it's obviously a physical reaction that I doubt you can do much about just based on attitude. Sure a good attitude never hurts, but yeah, I wouldn't have thrown up on him, but I probably would have thrown a pillow or something.

Courtney said...

I have one word for you, Jess - Zofran. It is a miracle anti-nausea drug. They actually give it to cancer patients who are nauseated from chemotherapy. It doesn't work on your GI tract - it tells your brain that you are not nauseated. It works wonders, and is totally baby safe. They usually give it to pregnant women all the time. Hope you feel better soon!