Monday, December 15, 2008


I am dying. I am without all comforts. I might accidently throw up the baby. Even if I ever wanted food again, I can not have sushi. Which I love madly. No Diet Coke. No eggnog. I am deeply in love with eggnog. We had a Christmas party with eggnog and I refrained but am still depressed about it. From underneath the comfort of my electric blanket I read the page in my pregnancy book alerting me to the fact that I very possibly have microwaved the baby and thus must refrain from all electric blanket (and subsequent electromagnetic field) use for the rest of the pregnancy. So I am sick, and thirsty, and cold. *moan* *moan*


Nicole said...

I am sorry to hear that pregnancy sickness is hitting you so hard! I understand the love/hate relationship with food, and just know that "this, too, shall pass". Hang in there!!!

M-A said...

It's all for a good cause, right?

If the morning sickness gets really bad you can take 1/2 half of a unisom and a vitamin b6 pill (my OB said that was ok). It made a world of difference for me. Also, the only thing that would stay in my stomach and ease the nausea was protein. Although protein never sounds good when you are nauseous.

p.s. you can have the sushi rolls that don't have raw fish (like the avocado ones, and the fake crab ones...they aren't as good, i know)

p.s.s nausea is a sign of a healthy pregnancy (i hated it when people told me that)

dana said...

I used a heating pad once when pregnant with Lucy but then heard from my nurse that I was "cooking my baby". Um, isn't there a more tactful way of putting it?? I guess they want to scare you into doing what you're told??
Hope you feel better soon! I promise (for most people) that one day soon you'll wake up and realize you don't feel quite as sick anymore and then you'll think being pregnant isn't so bad afterall (until the 3rd trimester comes along that is :) ).

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you aren't feeling good :(..... I am only a little bit away.... do you need something?? :) Feel free to ask.

Staci said...

The biggest mistake you can make when morning sick is to give in to the nausea and not eat. You must keep your stomach from getting empty with whatever you can eat that is healthy, hearty and full of protein. I know it make NO sense, and sounds terrible, but if you do it, it will save you. With Conrad I would go daily to Robeks and get a citrus smoothie with extra (30 or 40 grams) protein. The better you eat on any given day, the better you feel the next day. If you continue to not eat, you will keep throwing up. Even though it brings momentary relief, the lack of nutrition creates a deficit that's hard to get out of. As soon as you throw up try to eat anything you can with protein, and you will break the cycle.

On the brighter side you are now a mommy, giving of yourself for your child, and it's all so worth it.

Courtney said...

Awww, Jess. I'm so sorry. Just remember, one day when you look down into little Sprinkle's eyes for the first time, it will have all been worth it.

Emily said...

I'm sorry there's so many things you like so much that you have to give up. But remember that it's only for another 8 months, not forever. It's too bad you like so many things you can't have! I have never used an electric blanket, don't like coke, sushi, and am indifferent towards eggnog. But I would have to give up my daily morning chai tea and being able to take excedrin (or just about anything I think) for headaches. And that would really suck. So I can imagine your pain.'

And why does it have to get so gosh darn cold right when you can't use an electric blanket? It's absolutely freezing!

Big Sky Baldwins said...

SO feeling you on the eggnog. YUMMY in my tummy. I have enjoyed a quart or two since giving birth. have you tried the preggy pops yet? I am telling you the truth about those sister. Nilla waffers are good too. It will be over soon. Just enjoy not having a crazy 2 year old who I secretly think was a boy personality born in a girls body. Don't you love all the advice:))))