Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Day!

Church is cancelled today! It's been snowing since 8 this morning and everything is turning white!! So fun to live in a place where it snows (even if only once a year)! And Dave says we're having a blizzard, which only happens every FIVE years!


Emily said...

Yeah, you should post a picture of what it looks like tomorrow morning. My house is covered in snow now (5:24pm) and I just looked out the window and I guess it's stopped coming down. I hope it doesn't start again! I don't know if you were going to come in anyway or what the plan was, but employee appreciation day was moved to next Sunday. I'm really sad though because I brought my white chocolate peppermint fudge for the bake-off! We closed at 3pm, several employees didn't even make it in and there were hardly any customers.

Blythe said...

Winter wonderland! Your house is so cute Jess!

Jessica said...

I totally agree that your house is adorable...however, that is no blizzard!

We got 5 inches was great. We had like 10 inch drifts all over the yard. We were sledding in the backyard!!

You're probably gonna get more, because we're anticipating more and it's coming from your neck of the woods! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun pics... hope you are enjoying the snow ;)

Emily said...

it's -28 with windchill here... hope you're feeling betting and morning sickness doesn't keep you down for long.