Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Let. Me. Tell. You. Something.

I want to die.

The nausea is not as acute (though by no means gone), but in its place an all-over miserable malaise has taken root, which robs me of energy, makes me feel lifeless and lethargic, and on top of it I have the newly aquired snout of a bloodhound. I can smell things from states away and they all smell really bad. Our house has reeked of firewood for weeks (Dave can't smell it at all) and my lotion is so pungent I want to hurl in remembrance of it. Bread tastes too bread-y. Sweets are so horrible and sweet. I had some 7-up yesterday and all the nuances of flavor I never noticed before practically had me puking out the car window. Dave's body soap and deodorant burn my nostrils and throat with their acidity and if he dares to clean the counters I feel positive he is attempting to assassinate me with the bleach-likes fumes that I can actually taste from three rooms away.

I don't know how anybody does this. Dave is opting for an immediate vasectomy. We are not doing so well at our house.


Jen said...

I am soooo sorry. I've been there and I wish I could help. When I am that sick toast helps and depending on ow bad things are, a salty fried egg on top always made me feel better. Tell me if there is anything we can do for you, you sad thing you =(.

Emily said...

does the spinach dip from last night still smell good?

Courtney said...

You will make it through, Jess. I promise. :o)

M-A said...

Don't worry, you will survive. Then you will have amnesia and do it all over again. With my first I couldn't even keep down water. I lost 15 pounds and you could see all my ribs (did I already tell you this?). I used to yell to J-P from the bathroom floor that I was not having anymore children and that we were going to adopt babies from China.

Robyn said...

You and your husband will be threatening a vasectomy many times though out child rearing, not just pregnancy. A few more weeks and you should be in the clear. Hang in there!!!

Erickson Family said...

Just think, the baby is growing. You want to feel that way because it is a reminder that things are GOOD. Remember that having a baby is not about you anymore, it is about growing a healthy baby. Keep up the good work and try to enjoy it. Much love, Sarah

Jessica said...

Oh yes. I've been there.
When pregnant with my first the smell of my lotion, which previously I found delightful, made me want to hurl. A lot.
I had to discontinue usage and have never been able to go back. The smell still sort of makes me queasy.

With my second, EVERYTHING made me sick. Pizza made me sick. I gave up pizza for him!

With, I don't even remember...probably because I was already so busy with Nos. 1 and 2!

Hang in there kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. ((HUGS)).

dana said...

UGH. So so so sad for you. I felt nauseous last night (No, I'm not prego, just ate something strange) and guess what, I thought of you! and I thought, wow this would be really crappy to have ALL THE TIME. Can your dr. give you any of those meds they give to Chemo patients?
I'm sure you've tried everything. But I found that if I ate often, it helped ease the sickness. If I waited till the nausea came was too late. Someone in our ward had it real bad like you and she said eating a hamburger and fries, any time of the day worked for her.

Just think....your child owes you BIG time. :)'s always nice to lose a little weight!

Julie and Todd said...

Todd stunk while I was prego. I can relate to that part. What sucks is the sweets part! I hated that I hated sweets while prego with Liam. The one solace in your misery is a good piece of yummy something and yet, that thought makes you want to ralph. I think you need to come back over to our house where you feel no sickness. I'm serious. I'll make it scent-free. Miss you!