Monday, December 29, 2008

Pinto Beans and Cherries

Though I am not feeling back to my usual self, my nausea has abated significantly. And I am only 8 weeks, so this is very unusual. I spent 2 weeks praying mightily for this and now that it has occurred I am worried. I hope little Pinto Bean is okay! Usually I do not worry about anything and Dave worries about everything. Perhaps though, this is proof that everything is indeed okay with Pinto- as it is Dave's child, it is inflicting upon me its genetic predisposition for worrywart-ism as it swims anxiously about my insides.

I called the doctor to make an appointment today, only to be told that she is too popular and not accepting any new clients and that the office will set me up with someone else who could be a serial killer for all I know and that's who has to deliver my Pinto.

Little Pinto, providing s/he is still okay, is now the size of a cherry and even has pigment in the eyes. As both Dave and I have blue eyes, he reminds me often that if the baby pops out with anything but, I am in big trouble.

In my Christmas stocking, Dave stuffed the first purchase for our Pinto. Note his wishful thinking, as evidenced by the color of said purchase.


"If I have to smell my coworker's tuna salad sandwich for one more second, I am going to lose my cookies. Wait, did someone say cookies?"


Hayley said...

hey! im So glad your feeling better! and thanks a bunch for your advice! i feel so enlightened now :D i will DEF go with that- thanks a bunch!
--much luv--

Emily said...

Hey Jessica, that really sucks that you can't see your regular doctor! You should make sure to find one you feel comfortable with, although I'm sure you don't really need to worry about finding one who is a serial killer, lol. As for the blue eyes thing, haha, I hope he's saying that in a totally joking way! I'd probably kind of fake slap my husband if he said something like that to me.

Emily said...

commenting :) i bought something for you baby tonight too my first purchase for Cherrie Sprinkles Furhiman... miss you even more now!

Todd Hillyard said...

I remember the day we discussed having blue eyed kids. We both married blue-eyed people.

We loved spending Christmas with you guys. You are the best!! Eating soon. I am so excited with the best gifts you give us. We are lucky you are our friends.!!!!!!! AMEN.

Oh, How's the care.....