Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day 2011

We decided to have a last hurrah before baby #2 makes her appearance, and headed out to the beach house for Labor Day weekend. (Maybe we were secretly trying to tempt fate? Like if we drove an hour and a half away then I would spontaneously go into labor just because it would be so inconvenient? But alas. Fate would not be tempted.)

The weather was perfect. While it was in the nineties in Portland it was sunny and in the seventies at the beach. I walked all around town a few times (it's a teeny town but still) pushing Annalise in our new double stroller that is a dream. We played frisbee on the beach ("running", bending, reaching- much more exercise than usual for me) and played in the sand and water and relaxed. We were joined by our friends Anna and Audrey on Monday. Dave drove back by himself Monday night to get back to work, but we stayed until Tuesday with the girls and got some sweet pictures of them together on the beach.

And Labor Day found me with only ten days to go.

We had a great time until Tuesday afternoon, when after another walk I sat down and found I couldn't stand back up because of (TMI- sorry!) such excruciating pain in the left side of my crotch. I collapsed, couldn't walk, and couldn't bear any weight on my left leg. It was kind of terrifying and after determining (through tears and terror) that it was not going away and that Audrey did not want to have to deliver a baby in case that was somehow strangely happening, we left and headed home immediately. I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't even lift my leg or foot, but had to scootch with the toes along the ground to propel it forward which still hurt so badly it made me dizzy. The pain was truly earth-shattering. I stayed in bed from six p.m. until this morning (except when using crutches to allow myself my frequent bathroom trips) and when I woke up today the unreal pain was significantly diminished, in that though it still hurt a lot, I could walk.  I saw the doctor this morning and he recognized the problem immediately. He said it was the same pain from the ligaments loosening that I've been experiencing all along, but that sometimes exercise can stretch the leg away from the pelvis bone and it doesn't come back together right, creating my exact symptoms and pain, but that they are usually very temporary. Luckily mine were. So I am very sore but much better.

Eight days left!