Thursday, September 8, 2011

39 Weeks

I have a great deal of desire to get a lot of things done before the baby comes. The "new" (as in, new-to-us; it cost us $15 on Craigslist) dresser/changing table combo with its fresh coats of 'Heirloom White' paint needs to be moved into the girls' room. The old changing table (being rejected due to lack of helpful drawers) needs to be cutely staged for some photos so I can put it on Craigslist to sell. All the baby clothes need to be organized and put away. The bathrooms could use a fresh scrubbing (I am getting maniacal about fresh bathrooms lately). The office needs some major organization, and since we took my vanity table out of our bedroom to make room for the crib that attaches to our bed, I have to buy an over-the-toilet storage/organizer to make room for all my makeup and perfume and lotion and toiletries that we no longer really have room for. Also, I would like to go to Trader Joe's to avoid the starvation of my family. And don't get me started on the help the garage needs.

But instead, my morning has consisted of writing this blog post. And thinking of Dave's mom, who underwent shoulder replacement surgery for the last few hours. (It went better than expected!) And sitting sorely and uncomfortably next to Annalise on the couch as she watched Sesame Street, not realizing that I was, apparently irritatingly, singing along with the theme song until Annalise angrily informed me, "No! Mine!" and insisted on singing the rest of it by herself.

MUST GET STARTED. Once I get started, I become anal, focused, single-minded, and productive. So hard to work up the energy to just get started though! Instead, I am waiting for Dave to come home for lunch, hoping he might have a better idea than I for how to turn the few cans of food, bottles of condiments, and loaf of bread we currently have in our cupboard into a decent lunch for three.