Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet Baby

Our cutie-patootie says the word "poo-poo" cuter than any kid you've ever heard. Every time she says it I screech and swoon with delight. I don't think most people's moms have worked with them on perfecting their potty-talk, but there you go.

She can say nose, eye, mouth, teeth, belly, and toes and point to the corresponding body parts. Tonight she learned what 'pat-pat' meant and was delighted to repeat it over and over as she patted her parents' heads, backs, arms and faces. She is very proud of new accomplishments and always looks back and forth between us with a giant grin to be sure we are both appreciating any newfound brilliance.

The top half of our Christmas tree is lovely and sparkly and the bottom half is completely barren. I originally decorated it with kid-friendly ornaments which are long since lost to Annalise's toy bins, under couches, and behind the refrigerator.

She loves to dance and will start bopping wildly at the slightest strain of any music. Today I wound up a wind-up toy for her and she must have thought the buzzing it made sounded like music because she instantly started convulsing about, happily shouting, "Dance, dance!" before she paused, a bit puzzled, and realized it wasn't music after all.

While she used to be terrified of baths, she now complains terribly when I am too slow getting her clothes off while the bathtub fills.

She loves to have her teeth brushed. There is not much in life that Annalise sumbits easily to, but for some reason, brushing is like her favorite thing EVER. She very willingly lays on her back and lets me brush and when I am done, takes the brush and proceeds to brush them herself until I have to forcibly remove it from her.

The other day she accompanied me around the block while I did some Alphabet Photography.

It was freezing cold but she was a good sport.