Monday, December 13, 2010


Annalisie is a one-gal destruct-o machine. If it's inside, she will take it out. If it's clean, she'll mess it up. If it's in her way she will fling it, and if she can reach it she will grab it. If there is any order involved, her internal monitors go off and she MUST DESTROY. She is so energetic that she never stops. She is constantly running away, squirming, laughing, jumping, dancing, chattering, hugging, and snatching. An extremely common observation we get is, "WOW, she's busy!" Busy is apparently the popular word for a little lady who never stops and goes so hard that she's flinging around even as she nurses to sleep.

This morning she dumped the eggs out of the refrigerator and banged them together like symbols. This afternoon she was moments away from shattering a glass Christmas ornament in her mouth as she gnawed stripes out of its colored-glass sides. This evening she officially laid to rest the belly button button on her father's iPhone, and yesterday she emptied a humungous cup of diet root-beer into the carpet. This is just what comes to mind. I'm sure she was involved in five hundred other patience-trying things in the last 24 hours that I've already forgotten about.


Lynette said...

Holy cow is she active, I started subscribing to your blog when I noticed our daughters were born around the same time. Thank God my daughter hasn't figured out how to open the fridge yet.

SassyMama said...

Oh my, you have your hands full!!
Blame it on David... we always did:)

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

It may never really end, sorry to say. I mean, when she's 6 she will know not to band eggs together and certainly won't pour soda on the carpet on purpose, but Victoria still loves to dump everything out to find one little thing, and put together huge piles of "stuff" (try all the toys in our very cluttered basement) and call it a fort. For some reason, her younger siblings are not like that, thankfully. Good luck with Destruct-o Girl!