Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15 Months

A baby who is 15 months is old. It sounds really old. Our Sweet Pea is turning into a big big girl. Today she went to the doctor for her check-up. At 31.5 inches tall (no growth from last time) she is in the 53rd percentile for height and weighing in at 20 lbs. 9oz. she is in the 17th percentile for weight. Her noggin is considerably smaller than it's been, in only the 81st percentile! She screamed and cried when the doctor looked in her ears and mouth nearly as loudly as she did when she got her shots. Dave usually holds her when she gets shots but he couldn't come to her appointment today because of a meeting at work, so I had to do it. It was extremely terrible for both of us.

Boo-Boo did her first sign-language sign on Sunday! She wanted more of some food she'd mooched off a friend at church but I signed 'all gone' and said it aloud to her. "All gone!" she repeated out loud, signing it back to me. So cute! She says 'socks' now, and 'balloon' (she has to be reminded that they're not bubbles) and 'cat-cat' for kitty-cat. She says about 30 words now. Lately I am understanding what I've heard parents say about loving their children more and more as time goes on. I feel distinct bursts of increased love when I didn't even know there was a capacity to love her more. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment for 15-month portraits. I am praying that contrary to past experience, Annalise does not cry, scream, kick, flail, flop, moan, or collapse when she is supposed to be saying cheese. Wish me luck.