Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Blog Has Been Featured and Annalise's Second Word!

I've been featured on a blog! The very popular blogger Leigh Anne (of Your Home-Based Mom blog) also has a party blog called Your Home-Based Parties and she featured my Sweet Pea Party there. Check it out and leave a comment! So exciting! :)

Today Dave, Annalise and I are all sick enough that we didn't go to church. We have lazed about all day long and late this afternoon I was on the computer and Annalise toddled in and I picked her up and said, "Mama will hold you." She repeated, "Mama. Mama." Very clearly! And not just the string of ma sounds (ma-ma-ma-ma...) that she has done forever.

Just as with her first word I couldn't believe it could be true so I asked her,

"Did you just say 'Mama?'"

Her face broke into a HUGE proud grin and she repeated, "Mama!"

"Mama?" I asked.

"Mama!" she exclaimed.

I raced her out to Dave and she even demonstrated her new vocabulary on cue. As you might imagine, Dave is now working very hard at what he wants her third word to be. :)


Emalei said...

Your new blog template is awesome! I can't believe Annalise is starting to talk. From what I hear, the words will just start flowing from now on! Oh, and the party was to. die. for. So classy and cute!!!