Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Crumb of Craftiness

I've been able to carve out some teeny moments of time to be creative lately. Which is my favorite passtime EVER. Our friend Todd (a dentist) just had a birthday, so I made him a card with some humor he'd enjoy.

For his gift I created a bit of art for his walls, with a quote that is our mutual favorite.

Now I just have to make one of these for myself!


Todd Hillyard said...

This is Todd... the dentist. I love all that you do for me, Jess. That is why we are siblings need you forget? Card and saying rock- along side my "teeth are like friends" and the organic HILLYARD collage- all Jessica creations. Thanks for the gifts!!

Kat said...

How funny are you?!!? Hah! I love that card! ....visiting from New Friend Friday:)