Sunday, September 5, 2010

Annalise's first Back-to-School Portraits

Here are some Back-to-School portraits of my little Anna-boo. Now, she is not actually going to school. And she has never been before. So she is therefore altogether not going back. BUT. She is wearing apples and it's September. So there you go.

I wanted to make her stand up so that her outfit could show (a $3 garage-sale find of Gap brand apple tights and an apple dress with apple pockets and apple buttons! SQUEE!) so I dragged over her rocking horse for her to lean on, that Grandpa Raychek got her for her birthday. She spent the first few weeks of knowing Horsey being entirely afraid of him but we have seen much improvement in their relationship of late.

Ride 'em Back-to-School Cowgirl!


[M] said...


Ava is terrified of Max's stuffed tiger. It cracks me up that they take stuffed animals so seriously:)

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Back-to-school is always fun, even when they don't even go yet!

nicole said...

The title of this post caught me totally off-gaurd.
Annalise + Back-To-School = WHA??

However, the pictures are fabulous and the outfit is a grat find. Well done.

Karina said...

So cute- I didn't realize her hair was so red!