Friday, June 25, 2010

Second Anniversary

Monday was our second anniversary! Last year on our anniversary I was majorly pregnant and could barely move and this year proved much better as I not only could move, but could waltz myself right into Portland City Grill for dinner. It's located atop the tallest building in the city, with an amazing view. We knew if we were going to spend money like that for dinner, we did not want a certain tagger-alonger accompanying us and wrecking up our high-priced atmosphere. So we left Annalise to be babysat for THE VERY FIRST TIME! The kindly Deweys and their three kindly boys entertained our wee one so successfully that she didn't even cry once, until hours after we left when all the boys got put to bed. I was barely worried about her at all and we had a great dinner. Where we talked! And didn't eat at the speed of light because someone was loudly moaning at our feet! We held hands! Dave opened my car doors! You can't do stuff like that when one or the other of you is always hefting around a gigantic person.

Additionally, Dave ROCKED THE HOUSE with his anniversary gift. I am now the proud owner of a Blendtec which is the greatest blender known to man or chef. It mills wheat! It cooks your soups! It makes bread dough- no punching down required! So far I have made a Raw Veggie Soup, a zucchini bread, a Creamy Tomato soup (made with tofu! But tasted like cream!), a strawberry smoothie, another zucchini bread but this time with no oil or sugar (Yogurt! Splenda!) and another strawberry smoothie but this time with sugar-free strawberry syrup. It has revolutionized my kitchen and therefore my life. It's so easy! It's so healthy! It's so yummy! Dave is pleased too, as homecooked foods are the outcome of my new obsession. I'd wanted one forever and THANK YOU HILLYARDS for being especially wonderful and helping us trickily get it for half what we would have paid in a store.

Tonight we attended Tualatin's brand new Farmers Market and bought a bunch of fresh veggies for future blending projects. It's so easy to make healthy fresh yummy foods now. I forsee extreme weight loss in my near future. As Jared is to Subway, so I shall be to Blendtec. Maybe they'll hire me for commercials?


Anonymous said...

Ummm...I love this! ha ha I always love all the enthusiasm you put into your posts. I'm very excited about your blendtec and will just have to enjoy yours with you because I won't be getting one...sadly there are no more right now. :( I'm sure that isn't sad to Mat though. Anyway, I love you tremendously and will miss you very very much while you're in CA! Have a blast though! :)

SassyMama said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ooooo, and the blendtec sounds like much fun! Nothing is more therapeutic (or healthy) than pureeing like a crazy woman:) Have fun!

Todd Hillyard said...

you're welcome. Thanks for getting us a few shout outs! We'll take it. But really, thanks to you guys for being so great you deserve it.

Staci said...

You are the funniest human being ever!