Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day at the Park

On Thursday, Annalise and her little friend Max enjoyed themselves immensely at a park outing playdate. Perhaps it is because I am a first-time mother, but it was very stressful to just sit back and let Annalise get herself extremely dirty:

So at first I was following her obsessively, plucking grass from her fingers, swiping wood chips from every orifice, and snatching errant debris from her palms on its way to her mouth. Then I gave up. And decided to capture her rubble-eating for posterity.

Such cute kiddos:

I could take pictures of her funny faces all day. (Actually... I do.)

As always, the swings were quite a hit.

Being a mom is getting more and more fun. It's so nice that we can go out and do things that we both enjoy. It was a lovely sunny (warm!) day at the park.


Todd Hillyard said...

awesome pics. the one with the Max in the back... priceless.