Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too popular for her own good

The other day we went to our good ol' pal Trader Joe's. It was raining, and while I would usually get the Baby Bjorn all hooked up right next to the car, I didn't want to get myself and Bugsy wet, so I raced inside with her and the carrier tucked under my arm. When I got there though, I realized I couldn't put it on while I was holding her. I looked around and spotted a nice young guy.

"Do you work here?" I asked him.

"Yes," he said.

"Great!" I told him, "Could you hold my baby?"

I chuckled to myself as I handed her over, thinking this was probably totally making him uncomfortable, but it takes a village, right? Instead, he smiled sweetly at her and she gazed at him with reverence and bliss and it turned out he had his own 14-month-old at home. Other workers began swarming over like flies, seeing how pleasant and smiley she was with him, and wanting in on some baby snuggle-age themselves.

"Hey, I want a turn!" said one of them, a nice middle-aged dad named Brian.

"Sure, sure!" I agreed, pleased as punch with my laid-back lackadaisical self and offspring. Anna-baby was handed over. Her eyes met his. Her subsequent red-faced screams and shouts were loud enough call the attention of every patron in the store. I quickly took her back and she quieted immediately, and I looked up to share a laugh with poor Brian. Instead he was running away with his head down. I felt so bad for him! He didn't even give me time to give him the old 'It's not you, it's me (or her.)'

She went back to gazing happily at the first guy, clearly her new BFF. So this week she learned how to eat. On the docket for next week is manners. As in, Rule #1: No screaming in faces of kindly would-be baby-groupies.


Poppy said...

She looks like her momma!

nicole said...

I know you said that you love your new camera, but I REALLY LOVE YOUR NEW CAMERA.
Your photos are fabulous.
Probably helps that all three of you make one good-lookin' family. :)

Jessica said...

Oh Poppy, I am SO glad to hear that! Though you might be the only one to think so... :)

Nicole, I made a prediction to Dave last night that you'd be a proud owner of one of these DSLRs pretty soon...

Emily said...

Adorable photos :)