Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Years

** Posted by Dave**

Most of you probably don't remember what you were doing around this time three years ago.

I do.

December 8th 2006 was a Friday, and the end of a crazy week. Just a week earlier I had received an official job offer from a very large, very cool multinational company to work in their Strategic Alliance division. Quite the opportunity. But by Sunday night I was not only conflicted but pretty sure I didn't want to take it. By Tuesday at 10AM, I had declined their offer to move to Manhattan and decided to stay at my current job.

By 12PM Tuesday, I had a ticket to Los Angeles for that weekend.

I left Friday evening for Los Angeles and had a nice, late dinner at the Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood with a dear old friend I knew when I was in Los Angeles. I had the Roast Turkey Panini, and she the Caprese.

I asked her what she was doing that weekend. She said she was open to do anything. I played like I was "super busy" and might be able to fit some time the next night into my schedule. I'm cool/idiotic like that.

I dropped her off at her apartment. Our hug lingered.

She pretty much wanted me from that moment on.

It's been three years since the fateful weekend when Jess and I kinda-sorta-officially became an "item."

And it's been a blast.

So thanks Ray Ray, for awesoming up my life -- I'm glad that three years ago, things worked out how they did.

And so is Annalise.




Jessica said...

My awesomest D-Fu, there's just one thing you've got wrong. It wasn't since that lingering hug that I wanted you ever since. It was since the moment I met you.

Emily said...

i totally remember what i was doing 3 years ago. i was waiting for Jess to get home!

Courtney said...

Oh, Jess. That was so cheesy. But it was cute, too. :o)

Jessica said...

Emily, I remember racing in your room and being like, He DOES like me like "that"!


Staci said...

Cute. What a great beginning!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I've never seen that picture, you look gorgeous!!

melis said...

so sweet.... ;>