Monday, December 7, 2009

Did you see the wedding episode of The Office? Lately, just like Pam, I find myself spending my days taking mental pictures (picture me holding up an imaginary camera to my face and saying ka-ching) of beautiful things, interesting things, AMAZING things. I am the world's most accomplished imaginary photographer. This, my friends, is because I don't own the one thing in the world I want to own more than anything else. THE NIKON D90.

I'm not even going to go into why it is superior to anything else ever made for me, but suffice it to say that I was born to possess it. Everything I do with my 'point and shoot' sucks compared to what I'd do with this glorious monster. If I had it my dreams could become a reality, to say nothing of my photographs.

Though there is distinct evidence that I may perish without it, Dave is unswayed. Unconvinced. Unyielding. It has become obsession-like now. Since I realized I need it like air, I have read every review, perused countless stores, and salivated over billions of shots of artistic lusciousness created by this Gadget From God.
I'm ready to hand my baby off and get a job of my own so I can get it. Just kidding! Not really. No, I am! Kind of.
I accept personal checks if anyone would like to lend me a good grand.

In other notes, we went to Dave's parents' house and made candy. YUM! Very fun to do, even if I didn't help as much as I'd have liked as I was on GrumpyPerson Patrol.

Also, I tried to get a good Christmas picture of the Bub, who was distinctly not having it. Please witness evidence of the failed photo shoot below.


Jen said...

Kevin can speak to Dave AND he can get you a good deal at Best Buy when..yes WHEN you are allowed to purchase the BEST camera EvEr!!!!! I really do love it!

nicole said...

Uh oh. Is Annalise a grinch? How can she not be getting into the Christmas spirit?

Stephanie said...

Still very cute pictures! You'll look back on those ones and love them the most!

haylie said...

I bet the Bub would have cooperated for Christmas photos if you were taking them with a Nikon D90.

Dave Fuhriman said...

I don't even think Obama's campaign was this intense and organized. Unfortunately, I'm still voting NO on 90.


Cheapy McStingyson

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...
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Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Oh, I know your pain! I can't get a decent Christmas shot of my three. There's always someone not smiling. Austin smiles like crazy all the time at his sisters, but as soon as I get out the camera, he's totally serious, not at all like his sisters were! What a boy!

Todd Hillyard said...

Try Canon? maybe it's a Nikon thing? I'd feel the same way about the Nikon but gladly buy a Canon!

By the way, next year, you have to come to our Office Christmas Party. A big fat must. MUST! After all, I am Annalise's dentist. She already had her first check up in the in hospital.