Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why it's so much better to be a baby

If you have thigh rolls they delight people.

You never have to worry if you're out of toilet paper.

You never have to do sit-ups. Because you can't, like, even sit up.

Being bald is scrumptious.

If you get a pimple it clears itself up in a single day.

Have a double chin? Make it three! The more the merrier!

No one laughs at you if you snort milk through your nose.

A midnight snack doesn't make you fat; it's, like, necessary!

Two people in particular really care about your happiness. Their own happiness depends on it.


Dave Fuhriman said...

All true honey! I might also add that people actually encourage you to sleep as much as you can. BONUS.

On the downside: the swaddling would make me crazy, as well as sitting in my own filth until someone figures out I've got issues down there.


Jen said...

I love that you two are having a conversation here =).

Word Verification: imlitc

Shanda said...

I love the thigh part! It is the only time where rolls and cellulite on your thighs are desired and fantastic!